the yoga studio... reimagined.

here at rebel, we've developed a unique approach to yoga, expressed through a variety of class levels to truly suit your individual needs

basics - for complete beginners and those working with injuries

progressive - an introduction to slow flowing movement (vinyasa)

intermediate+ - a challenging vinyasa class to refine your practice

advanced - continuously linked vinyasa sequences to inspire your practice

rebel release - a gentle hot class to stretch and restore

Rebel Studio

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Friday 22nd 12.30pm - Intermediate+
Saturday 23rd 11am - Progressive
Christmas Eve -- Boxing Day - closed
Wednesday 27th 7pm - Intermediate+
Thursday 28th 7pm - Basics
Friday 29th 6.30pm - Rebel release (hot)
Saturday 30th 11am - Progressive
Sunday 31st 11am - Basics
Monday 1st Jan 4pm - Rebel release

Non Christmas:
Monday 12.30pm - Progressive 60mins
Monday 6.30pm - Progressive

Tuesday 6pm - Intermediate+ 75mins
Tuesday 7.30pm - Basics 60mins

Wednesday 1pm - Progressive 60mins
Wednesday - 5.30pm - Basics 75mins
Wednesday 7pm - Intermediate+

Thursday 7pm - Progressive

Friday 12.30pm - Intermediate+ 60mins
Friday 6.30pm - Rebel release (hot)

Saturday 11am - Progressive

Sunday 11am - Basics
Sunday 4pm - Advanced
Sunday 6pm - Rebel release (hot)

New to Rebel Studio - 2 weeks unlimited £30*
Drop in £15
5 pack £70
10 pack £130
20 pack £220

*can only be purchased at the studio

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